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November 28, 2018

Consistency is what I strive for. It's something that's eluded me my whole life. I always find an excuse to break routine, even though a routine is something I know I want. There's probably some goldmine down that rabbit hole for my future therapist to dive into, but we'll just use it as a beautiful segway for now.

This morning I listened to a podcast featuring LeBron James on my drive to work. Oh yeah, got a new job. Stoked about it, thanks for asking. Anways, after all the vague metaphors that athletes tend to resort to to get out of interviews, something was actually said that stuck. The reason LeBron thinks he's great is because of consistency. The ability to continue to do something on a regular basis. I realized it's something I lack.
I want to be a badass programmer and I want to have a six-pack and I want to have a bunch of friends and I want to have a RomCom-type, Ryan Gosling type, JolliBee-commercial type of relationship with my girlfriend. All of these things and basically everything in life can only be achieved through consistent work towards a goal.

So I've decided to start small, because everytime I start big I inevitably get burned out and then a 2-month long relapse occurs where I lose what little progress I had made in the first place.

I pledge to thee, internet, that:

  • I will play basketball 3 times a week at this new gym I found even though it's kinda ghetto.
    I pledge to thee that:
  • I will study C#, .NET, LINQ and Entity Framework in my off time 3 times a week.
    I pledge to thee that:
  • I will take my girlfriend out once a week and take time to watch silly shows and movies without being a Negative Nancy.
    I pledge to thee that:
  • I will call my grandma tomorrow on my way home from work.

    There you have it. It's in writing so I definitely can't be lame about it. I challenge you to do the same. Start small and build consistency. Hope you have a great end of November and remember, don't be a piece of shit! :D

    PS: I wanted to talk about how I'm finally feeling happy now that I have a new job and that I feel like I'm already making a positive impact: but meh.
    PSS: Please google a JolliBee commercial. They are these Filipino commercials for a grocery store that literally make you cry. They're ridiculous and wonderful.
    Pls Watch This

  • Back In #000000

    October 22, 2018

    Hola. I'm going to start blogging so here we go.

    You know when you get stuck in a work rut and it's hard to find the motiviation to do something you were once excited to do? That's where I'm at now. I have a bunch of work on my plate and yet I chose to edit my personal website that probably gets .01 views a year. I guess that's what I need, a change of pace or something to jumpstart my creative juices. Whatever, at least when the robot overlords data-mine the internet 17,000 years from now I'll probably get my own table in their database. Here you go, robots.

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    Last weekend I attended Dia De Los Devfest, a GDG meetup in Frenso, CA. It was held at Bitwise, which is like a cluster of office spaces for small to mid-range tech firms in the central valley. It's actualy pretty cool that Fresno has one of these, considering... well it's Fresno. I've started to see a few different spots like this pop and, coming from the bay area, it makes it feel familiar.

    I sat in on three different talks. The first was about microservices, Kubernetes, Docker and Istio. It was a demonstration of how they can make life easy for the engineer that has to keep track of a million different apps and services. Not really where I'm at but good information if I'm ever in that postiion. The second talk was about Google Firebase. Now Firebase is a semi-exciting platform and I was hoping to learn something new about it, but it was just an example of how to host an app on their platform. Cool. I could've just followed a 5-minute Youtube tutorial and got the same information. But the presenter was engaging so I guess it was fine.

    Then there was all-you-can-eat tacos. So even if all the talks were terrible, this would have made up for it.

    Finally, the last presentation I attended dealt with the difference between the Machine Learning alorithms. THIS WAS AWESOME. The speaker was Antony Ross, a Machine Learning/Financial Advisor. He flew through all the different machine learning algorithms, but ecouraged us not to worry about the actual math behind them. He wanted to make sure we understood how they could be interpreted and applied to a variety of different datasets. I was hooked. He had animated graphics, relatable examples and answered questions quickly and confidently. Maybe that's why I don't want to work today, all I want to do is apply machine learning to something in my life.

    Well this has been fun. I hope if you find yourself reading this, you find the motivation to get out of your work rut!
    Love, Joe